A WordPress theme to tell stories.

Do you have a story to tell ? Or a multimedia report to publish ? Or a long form article to lay-out ? This natural-scrolling theme is the one you need. Its native navigation on mobile let user scroll you content with their finger. No click or tap is needed to view the content.

Make way for the content

Because content is the the more important part of your website, Skrollr theme is discreet. Its responsive structure displays your videos and pictures in full width and give all the way to your text to express itself.


At the visitor pace

Content rolling out is chronological. No need to click or tap : animation runs at the pace of the visitor. He can scroll text, images and video at his pace, and even come back to a previous piece of content.

This is the ideal behavior to avoid distraction when reading long-form articles.



This WordPress theme uses the Skrollr.js JavaScript library developed by Prinzhorn. With this library, you can create parallax scrolling websites, but you need a solid programming knowledge.

With WordPress Skrollr theme, all the content is written via the native WordPress interface. Each piece of content (articles) are then organized together to build a full story.

The incredibly easiness of WordPress and the power of Skrollr.js library are combined together to let you publish a beautiful report, enjoyable to read for the beginning to the end.

Press the “Publish” button, we will do the rest.